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Frequently Asked Questions & Responses
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Is Moss Buster® safe for cement tile roofs?
Yes, Moss Buster is safe to use on all types of structures and surfaces made from cement, concrete, wood, brick, block, blacktop, marble, and stone.

Is Moss Buster® safe around ponds?
It is safe to use Moss Buster NEAR ponds, but it should never be poured directly into a body of water.

Is Moss Buster® safe around my children? My pets?
Moss Buster is made of food-grade materials. It is safe to use in areas where children and pets are present, but they should be kept off of the area until the space treated is dry.

Will Moss Buster® cause any discoloration to my shingles or stones? Will it stain?
While in its testing phase, Moss Buster never showed results of discoloration or staining on any hard surfaces. However, because there are constantly new products being introduced into the building industry, we would recommend testing Moss Buster on a small, hidden area, before treating your entire space if you are unsure of the material composition you are applying Moss Buster to.

If I spray Moss Buster® near my landscape, will it harm my plants?
Moss Buster will not kill anything with a root system, therefore leaving your hardy landscape plants and shrubs unharmed. It is NOT recommended to use Moss Buster on or near annual plants. If these plants are sprayed, the leaves will brown and drop off. With normal watering, recovery may be possible, but not guaranteed.

How many square feet will 1 gallon of Moss Buster® cover?
One gallon of Moss Buster Ready-To-Use Formula will generally cover 333 square feet. There will be variables to this, depending on the thickness/severity of your infestation and the application rate used.

If I have a lot of moss, will I need multiple applications?
If your moss is thick (more than 1” thick), you may need to re-treat after your initial treatment. Do not use more initially, it is best to treat as directed and let the product go to work. After 24-48 hours if you notice green patches underneath what has already died, you can spot treat that area.

How long will the moss/lichens stay gone?
Moss and Lichens are organisms that propagate and grow under various conditions and are easily colonized through exposure to wind and rain. Unfortunately, there is no “rule of thumb” as to how long the moss/lichen will stay away. Generally speaking, a treated area will be free of moss/lichen for a year, but it could be as long as 4-5 years. Every situation will vary.

How do I apply the product?
Application is very simple, shake the product vigorously and pour into a garden pump or backpack sprayer and apply in a sweeping motion. Moss Buster should be applied when temperatures are 50°F or warmer, and within a six hour window free of rain.

What is the active ingredient in Moss Buster®?
Oregano oil and a proprietary blend of ingredients.

Is Moss Buster® organic?
Moss Buster is made of plant oils and extracts, but is not organically certified.

What is that strange smell? How long will it last?
Most fungicides are going to have a smell, including Moss Buster. Our active ingredient (Oregano Oil) is a very fragrant essential oil. While most people do not find the smell offensive, it may bother those who are generally sensitive to strong aromas. The smell will dissipate within 24-48 hours depending on the climate conditions at the time of application.

After Moss Buster® kills the moss, will it regrow?
There is no permanent solution to preventing moss, so regrowth is always possible.

How long do we have to keep pets/children off of the area after treating with Moss Buster®?
It is best to keep children and pets off of the area until it is dry.

Can Moss Buster® be used in our flower gardens? Vegetable garden?
Moss Buster is safe in perennial flower gardens, but direct contact to vegetable plants is not recommended. You are safe to treat areas around annual plants, but direct contact may cause browning and leaf drop.

Will my grass recover if it turns brown after spraying Moss Buster®?
Grass may experience some phytotoxicity, but will recover within 7-10 days with normal watering.

Will Moss Buster® kill mold?
No. Moss Buster is a biochemical fungicide effective in killing moss, lichens, algae, liverwort, mildew and fungi.

Disclaimer: These responses have been based on ideal application processes and do not offer any guarantees. Geographic location and severity of infestation may alter desired results. If you have specific questions about the area you wish to treat, we recommend you contact Moss Buster® for further information.

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