Unlike other products on the market that label themselves as "Bryophyte Suppressants", MOSS BUSTER® has been tested and certified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as a "Bryophyte Killer".  See what other Bryophytes Moss Buster kills. 

Liverwort is one of those pesky plants that spread quickly once established.  This is one of the most difficult bryophytes to get rid of by hand.  Save your time and your back by using MOSS BUSTER®.  Simply spray MOSS BUSTER® across the infested area and watch your liverwort die off in as little as 2 hours.  After the treatment, wash away the remains and appreciate your clean area.


Algae can cause slipping problems in wet conditions.  This type of bryophyte infestation can be dangerous especially if you are using your patios or pavers where algae collected.  Power washing can worsen the situation since Algae holds water easily.  MOSS BUSTER® kills algae infestations and protects your outdoor spaces from regrowth. 


Hornwort can take over a growing area quickly, restricting the growth of your favorite plants.  MOSS BUSTER® attacks this pesky growth at its base and can kill the plant within 2 hours. (depending on the growth)  MOSS BUSTER® is made from natural organic ingredients, which will keep your planted areas free of the toxic chemicals in most competitive products. It will help ensure that the outdoor areas you plant continue to look beautiful.


Lichen eats materials and spread quickly across the surface of rocks, walls, and rooftops.  Not only does this bryophyte damage the area it grows in but leaves behind a nasty look.  MOSS BUSTER® will not just kill your lichen growth but remove the stains left behind, giving your area a new look that will last.  Say goodbye to scrubbing away this pesky growth, simply spray and sweep up for good.